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Bringing family-owned restaurants to your community.

On The Go LA is an online platform that helps local businesses in Los Angeles, primarily in the food & beverage space, book short-term food truck rentals. 
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Helping Local Restaurants
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On The Go LA is a service that provides local restaurants an easy way to rent food trucks at the lowest costs & handles full-scale logistics such as route planning for reaching new neighborhoods and overall marketing initiatives.

We do not own any of the food trucks, but we act as a broker and help in optimizing their experience by providing a seamless transition to their time as a mobile vendor. This allows them to bring their food to new areas of LA, driving customer engagement and increasing revenue.

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Our Mission

Our mission at On the Go LA is to revitalize the culture and flow of local restaurants’ outreach to customers and provide them with a more direct, personal connection to their customers. 

How We Started

On the Go LA was born out of the passion of three individuals from the South Central LA area with a strong desire to help local restaurants. Since they were children, Gabriel, Alberto and Enrique grew up watching as ice cream trucks drove through their neighborhoods and decided to apply the same concept to help local restaurants hop on food trucks amid the COVID-19 pandemic that changed the landscape of the food industry.

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